General FAQ

Where can I play bocce?

Major League Bocce operates in 11 cities nationwide. Select your city from the "Where To Play" menu at the top of the page. Once you've landed on your city of choice, you'll find a detailed list of playing locations within your city's metro area.

How long does the bocce season last?

Our leagues run by season: winter, spring, summer & fall. Each season is typically comprised of 6 weeks of regular season games followed by 1-2 weeks of playoffs. Several factors may affect your season schedule, such as weather delays or rain cancellations. Double-headers or make-up weeks may occasionally need to be scheduled in order to finish the season in a timely fashion.

What are the rules of bocce?

The basics of bocce are easy: throw the ball as close as possible to the target ball or "pallina". The team who has the closest ball(s) to the pallina wins the frame! For a more comprehensive overview of the game, head to our rules page and watch a video that will teach you how to play. From there, you can also download a set of our official league rules. Please note that the rules vary by location and type of bocce played.

Is bocce super fun to play?

We think so. We hope you will too! Bocce is easy to learn and we welcome players at every experience level, even if that includes no experience at all. You'll find bocce is a very social sport. Teams throw from the same end of the court, and opposing players find it easy to chat with each other during play. Plus the game strategy is challenging. While bocce is not hard to pick up, you'll quickly learn that no shot is guaranteed, which makes for a fun & friendly competitive experience!

what do i get when i sign up?

Get more out of your social sports experience when you sign up to play Major League Bocce! All players get:

  • 6 weeks of regularly scheduled games followed by a single-elimination playoff tournament
  • ALL TEAMS MAKE THE PLAYOFFS. The bracket is seeded based on the team standings (wins/losses & point differentials are factored into the standings)
  • Entry into Major League Bocce's famous ticket contest with the chance to win both weekly & season-long prizes
  • Food and/or drink specials at your neighborhood sponsor bar
  • A sexy team t-shirt
  • Weekly prizes and giveaways
  • FREE city-wide party at the end of the season with the chance to meet other players from around your city

How do I learn more about Major League Bocce?

You can learn a lot by reading this FAQ page. If you still have any questions or feedback regarding Major League Bocce, please reach out to us using our contact form or send us an email to mail@majorleaguebocce.com. And don't forget to sign up on our email mailing list to stay up-to-date about playing opportunities in your city.

Registration FAQ

Who is eligible to play Major League Bocce?

Everyone can play Major League Bocce as long as they are 21 years of age or older! No prior bocce experience is necessary and all skill levels are welcome to join. 

In order to participate:

  • All players must be 21 years of age or older
  • All players must have health insurance
  • All players must agree to and sign a liability waiver upon registering
  • All players must pay the registration fee

How do I register for bocce?

Registering for bocce is easy! Just follow these simple steps to join:

  1. Find your city from the "Where to Play" menu at the top of the page 
  2. Select your preferred playing location and click the button to register
  3. Create an account with a valid email address, username & password. If you have an existing account, log into your account
  4. Next you will have the option of creating a team, joining a team, or signing up as an individual (to be placed on team later).
  5. Finally, fill out the registration form along with your payment information and hit submit. It's that easy!

How many players can play on my team?

Teams must have a minimum of 5 players to be considered a complete team.  If your team does not reach the 5 player minimum by the close of the registration period, players will be added to your team.

Please note that we require a minimum of 5 players per team in order to avoid forfeits during the season. We know there are some people who aren't going make every single game, so your roster is slightly padded to make sure you have enough people to field a team at games every week.

We do not set a maximum number of players for teams. While teams average around 6-7 players per team, some people want all their friends to play and end up with as many as 10 or 12 players! However, those are extreme examples. We recommend teams top off at around 8 people, but we're not going to stop you if you want more than that!

I don't have a team - how can I play?

If you don't have enough people to form your own team, don't worry! We are very accommodating for all our free agent players. You can sign up solo or with a small group of friends. Whatever you choose, we will place you on a team before the season begins (after registration closes).

To sign up by yourself or with a friend or two, choose the "Individual" option when registering. If you are signing up with friends, there is a box labeled "Teammate Request" where you should write your friends' names. We'll make sure to place you with the friends' you requested!

How much is the registration fee?

The registration fee varies by location and season. You'll find detailed pricing on the page of your preferred playing location.

To encourage early sign-ups, there are 3 pricing tiers that affect the price of membership: 

  • Early-bird pricing - enjoy a discount when you sign up during the early-bird pricing period. This price only lasts for a limited time at the start of registration
  • Regular pricing - this is the standard price to play bocce and is in effect for the majority of the registration period 
  • Late pricing - a late fee is tacked on if you sign up at the last minute! This fee goes into effect at the very end of the registration period

The dates for each pricing period are clearly presented on each location's registration page. As a rule of thumb, remember to sign up early to get the best deal!

I missed sign-ups! Can I still play?

The official registration deadline is listed on each location page. Players may be allowed to register after the posted deadline at the discretion of Major League Bocce. If you wish to register after the deadline, please contact us.

Please note that t-shirt orders are placed once registration closes and players who register past the deadline will not receive matching team t-shirts

What is the cancellation policy?

We've updated our refund policy temporarily in response to the COVID-19 pandemic & social distancing measures currently in place.

We plan to proceed with spring leagues starting in either late-May or early-June. This time frame is subject to change as events unfold. At this time, we plan to play all 6 regular season games plus playoffs once it's deemed safe to start spring leagues.

Unfortunately, we are unable to process refunds at this time. If you are not comfortable participating in the upcoming spring season or are no longer able to do so due to the delayed start date, we can deposit a credit into your account equal to the amount you paid. You can then use your credit on a future season of bocce once you're ready to play.

We are most grateful for your patience and flexibility, which enables Major League Bocce to continue operating. We promise to deliver on the fun, bocce experience you signed up for!

MORE details FAQ

Can I pick my team's t-shirt color?

Team captains have the option to request a t-shirt color when they create a new team during registration.

Please note: color selections are not guaranteed. Your team's selection may be altered, depending on what colors are in stock. In addition, multiple teams may receive the same t-shirt color depending on availability.

can i request specific game times for my team?

Unfortunately Major League Bocce cannot accept schedule requests. We do our best to rotate teams through various time slots throughout the season in order to keep things fair for all players.

If you cannot make a game, please do your best to rally the team to have at least 2 players present at games to avoid a forfeit (3 players are required during playoffs). If your team knows in advance that they are unable to field a team, please contact us so that we can let your opponent know of your forfeit in advance (as a courtesy).

what happens if it rains?

We spend a lot of time watching the weather in order to make the best decisions regarding any weather delays or cancellations. Our standard policy is to let all players know by 4:00 pm on game day if their game is cancelled or delayed due to rain. We will email you and post to your league's Facebook page with any changes to the schedule. If you don't hear from us, you can assume games are on as scheduled.

Please note that sometimes bad weather can sneak up on us and we occasionally have to cancel games after our 4:00 pm deadline. If the weather is looking suspect, continue to check your league's Facebook page or email for any updates.  

how do i become a black shirt?

You may have noticed the folks running around your division in black t-shirts. These awesome people are our Black Shirts - outgoing volunteers who run our divisions and make sure your bocce night is a memorable one. If you're interested in helping out, click here to learn more about the program. All black shirts get FREE bocce, a weekly bar tab, and more!