About Bocce

History Of The game

The premise behind bocce ball, throwing an object at a target, is the oldest and most primitive sports concept in history. The Egyptians first started playing the game in 5200 B.C. using polished stones. From there, it spread to Greece and then Rome, where today's version of the game first originated. Bocce eventually spread through Europe, and was so popular that at different points throughout history kings, emperors, and even the Catholic Church prohibited their subjects from playing the game for fear that their societies would fall to neglect. Bocce came to the U.S. in the 18th century. While not an immediate hit, bocce began to crop up in small towns and big cities across America, especially in heavily Italian-American neighborhoods. Today the sport is more popular than ever, with clubs and leagues from coast to coast. And Major League Bocce sits at the top of the list - with over 12,000 members, it is the largest organized bocce league in the United States.

Why Bocce?

Bocce is attractive to all types of people because it's so darn versatile - you can play on grass in the middle of a city park, or you can roll right next to the ocean on a sandy beach. You can even play right at the bar with a drink in hand. It can be casual and competitive, an allure neither the focused contender nor the social butterfly can resist. Both men and women are on equal footing in this sport, and age is never an issue (as long as you're over 21!).

The Total Bocce Experience

Play bocce just one time, and we guarantee you'll be hooked. But Major League Bocce is about so much more than just the game - it's the total social sports experience. Join Major League Bocce and you'll have an excuse to be outside on a weekday after work spending quality time with your friends. No need to bring your sweats or cleats - this game is about finesse, not fit-ness. After you engage in a little friendly competition, your opponents go from adversary to drinking buddy. Celebrate your win or commiserate your loss at your division's sponsor bar, and see how far the evening will take you. It's always a good night when there's bocce on tap!